Online advertising

People do not use the name of your company in Google or any other search engine, but they look for the products and services that you offer. The moment they are doing research on what you and your competition have to offer, we show them your online ad. Then we will direct them to your website. That way, we easily turn your visitors into customers.

For this we use SEA. Our experienced SEA experts specialize in SEA and online advertisements. We are currently contributing our knowledge to different online business successes. And we want to do the same for your business.

Your benefits

  • High ranking in Google
  • Effective ads
  • More visitors
  • Products and services available 24/7

Why should your business advertise online?

Search engine advertising

What is SEA marketing?

Search engine marketing (or SEA) provides more website visitors by placing ads in the search engine results. But on one condition: your campaigns must be targeted.

Our SEA consultants build ads based on popular search terms about your products or services. By targeting these key words with Google Adwords, your ad will appear at the top of the search results.

The higher the ad appears in the search results, the more visitors your website receives. And the more visitors, the more chance of conversions.

What is Google Adwords advertising?

Google Adwords is the channel that we use to advertise in Google, so your ads will appear in the search results. It is also possible to advertise on websites that are connected to Google.

Our Adwords specialists base the ads on keywords about your products or services. If a potential customer searches for one of these keywords, he will see the ad next to or above the search results.

SEA agency
SEA specialist

What does Ayans do for my company?

Our SEA experts write the most catchy ad texts for your business with effective keywords. Our SEA agency ensures that potential customers find your business when they are looking for what you have to offer.

SEA specialist

Direct result

You want to start a SEA campaign? That means you’re looking for immediate results. It's an online campaign for which you buy your ad space, ensuring you're getting instant results. You pay per click on the ad. And that click is more than worth it, because it can lead to a conversion.

SEA agency
SEA specialist

Measure and optimize

Our SEA specialists and online marketers follow up the progress of your campaigns. That way, we can make an adjustment where necessary. We also compare your advertising cost with the conversions achieved, so you can study in detail what your investment is worth.

SEA specialist

For years, we have been working on the online success of our customers. Therefore, you can be sure of an experienced, solid partner

What’s in our mind?

Being a Digital marketing agency, our mission is to enrich and empower small and medium companies who can actually compete with the bigger brands head to head without worrying about their marketing budget.

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