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E-mail communication continues to be one of the most commonly used and efficient ways of approaching clients or co-workers digitally. Especially with the rise of the smartphone, e-mail has been given a second life; you can now reach everyone everywhere and at any time. Additionally, for commercial purposes, sending a newsletter is a great option because of the ease and versatility.

Your benefits

  • Easy to set up yourself
  • Mobile-friendly newsletters
  • Insight into results by analysis
  • Target your audience from anywhere

E-mail is here to stay


Creating a responsive newsletter in 1-2-3

Our user-friendly platform allows anyone to easily and quickly create and send a newsletter. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you can make a layout to which you can add images and text in absolutely no time. Before you know it, you’re ready to send out your campaign to all your contacts. Because our newsletters are built with responsive design, they will look perfect in every inbox, from smartphones to desktop computers.

Creating newsletters that really work

The power of an e-mail marketing campaign is really reflected in the analysis of the data collected. You can review extensive statistics to find out who opened your e-mail and how often, who clicked on the links in the e-mail and even who unsubscribed. Based upon this crucial information, you can optimise your next newsletter and achieve more conversions.

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Professionals that are always by your side

As an e-mail marketing agency, Ayans is always ready to assist you in any way. Do you have a question or a great idea for an original e-mail campaign? We will gladly help you further. Would you like training to send out e-mails yourself or would you rather have our experts do it for you? We provide professional guidance for creating and sending your newsletters.

Simplicity, easy to use and flexibility are the key factors for e-mail marketing. Ayans ensures that you can get started quickly and efficiently.

Email marketing agency

For years, we have been working on the online success of our customers. Therefore, you can be sure of an experienced, solid partner

What’s in our mind?

Being a Digital marketing agency, our mission is to enrich and empower small and medium companies who can actually compete with the bigger brands head to head without worrying about their marketing budget.

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